Trust and Integrity

We could tell you about all of our experience over the years as a plumber such as


  • 20 years experience
  • C-36 California Plumbing Contractors License
  • Gastite, Wardflex gas line certified
  • Pex water line certified installer
  • Installation of copper water systems in over 500 new homes
  • High-tech water leak detection equipment

Or how much of a better value we are over the competition because we have kept our overhead down to save you Big Money.

It is True that we at Marcus Plumbing are determined to satisfy our customers through quality work at reasonable rates.

However, we not only provide the best value around with tons of experience but we add the element of Trust into everything we do. Everything about our Success revolves around this idea of Trust.

As  you explore our website and get the feel of who we are you will start to gain an understanding as to that Number 1 reason why people turn to us above all of the many other Plumbers in the Roseville/Folsom and Sacramento areas.

After all…the perception that your plumber is going to try to “take advantage of you” is not based on things that are false. It is very real to people because so many people have had poor experiences with their plumbers. If you talk to 10 people today…8 of them will talk negatively about an experience with a plumber in their lives.

We are about to change that perception for you.

You see…we very much care about people! We know that you have a family and you care deeply about your family. We understand that at a very deep level.

Owner Mike Marcus has a deep love and care for his family and has a unique ability to put himself in your shoes. He views it a privilege to be able to interact with his customers and clients and friends. Building Trust is his number one desire.